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ZIZNBA Oral Swabsticks are sterileunflavored Medical swabs for use in oral medicine. Suitable for collection of samplesapplication of liquids or gelscleaningor other oral procedures. The raised foam ridges on the swabs allow it to achieve easier removal of particles and mucus from the oral cavity. The swabs are individually wrapped in order to preserve their sterilitiy and remain suitable for use in a clean environment. These single use oral swabs are high quality disposable items for professional usebut can be applied to hobby activities as well.

Ziznba's Disposable Oral Swabs Are StrongDurable And Ergonomic. By using the strongest materials we have ensured that you never have to experience cheap flimsy plastic or easily breakable swabs again.
Gently cleanmoisten and refresh mouthteeth and gums due to dental suppliesteeth sensitivity or diseaseachieving the effect of the protection and cleaning of the oral care."
Ziznba's Oral Swabs remove debris and oral secretionswhile stimulating oral tissue. Gentle even to fragile tissuesoft foam heads mechanically clean and refresh with sodium bicarbonate"
Safesoftsterile and unflavored oral swabsusing for the daily oral care and household supplieselectronic industry. "
"Our individually wrapped bulk disposable oral swabs with sterile packaging ensure that your oral care experience is always a safeconvenient and enjoyable one! "

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