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While your average hand soap can cause drytight handsDove Pampering Care Hand Wash with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla is a great cleanser for dry skin. This hand wash removes germs in seconds and moisturizes for hours. Care for your hands while effectively washing away dirt and germs. Made with our 5X Moisturizer Blend consisting of 5 skin nutrients and moisturizersthis hand wash goes beyond cleansing to keep hands soft and nourishedas you wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds. Dove hand wash is gentle on hands and made with plant-based moisturizers for lasting nourishment. What REMOVES GERMS IN SECONDS - Dove hand wash effectively washes away dirt and germs with 100% gentle cleansers. Recommended to wash hands for 20 seconds.
5x MOISTURIZER BLEND - This hand wash contains a combination of 5 skin nutrients and moisturizers that works with skin to maintain hand softness and create new moisturizers for lasting nourishment.
GO BEYOND CLEANSING - Dove Pampering Care Hand Wash provides instant softness and moisture that last for hours.
GENTLE ON HANDS - Your average hand soap can cause drytight hands. Dove hand wash is gentle on hands. Made with plant-based moisturizersfree from dyesalcoholparabens and sulfates.
SCENT - Induldge your senses with warm sweet floral notes in this cleanser.

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