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The Moon is a powerful celestial luminary whose energetic influence can be felt by all. In astrologyour Moon sign reflects our deepest inner emotions and how we process our feelings. In tarotthe Moon card unlocks our subconscious and connects us to our intuition. Basicallythe Moon is super powerful and a majorly big deal! And you can tap into the Moon's power...with a bath. With its close connection to the emotional element of water (after allthe Moon controls the tides of the oceanand we humans are made up of a lot of water ourselves!)a ritual bath is a simple yet effective way to harness lunar energy and manifest your dreams. By partaking in a ritual Moon bathyou can connect to the lunar cycle and tap into its potent magic. You can enhance your self-care practice and overall spiritual wellbeing by cleansing not only your bodbut your energetic field as well. While you can take a Moon bath any time you'd like a dose of lunar energyaligning your rituals with the phases of the Moon can further enhance the potency of your magical workings. INGREDIENTS: Black Sea SaltDead Sea SaltDendritic SaltCalendula FlowersHerbal Bath Blend (organic orange peelorganic chamomile flowersorganic lavenderorganic rosemary leaforganic raspberry leaforganic rosehipsorganic peppermintorganic sage leaforganic lemongrassorganic red rose buds and petalsorganic bay leafand organic cloves)Fragrance Oils and Essential Oil Blend. Fragrance Notes: A warm and complex blend of cinnamon barkclove leafspiced rumjasmine petalstahitian vanillasandalwood and musk.

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