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Big Brick of Soap

The Big Brick of Soap is modeled after the rough cut"brick" style of soap used by GIs during the Korean War.

At a hefty 10 oz.each Brick of Soap is about 3x the size of common soaps and lasts muchmuch longer.

It's not so big that it beeps when it backs upbut it's big.

Also Available from Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Hard-working men don SCENTS INSPIRED BY THE GREAT OUTDOORS - Experience the invigorating scent of fresh split pine and celebrate a return to basics with this American made soap inspired by the lush green wilderness of the Pacific Northwest in this bath soap bar
3 TIMES NORMAL SIZE - The Big Ass Brick of Soap weighs in at a whopping 10 ouncesroughly 2-3 times the size of other daintybath soap bars.
TOP QUALITY WASH - Duke Cannon designs soap bars to meet the high standards of hard-working men who want to get clean and smell good without using overly perfumed body washes designed for high school freshmen.
CELEBRATE THE RETURN TO BASICS - Celebrate the great outdoors like the pioneers before us with the entire collection of CampfireFresh Cut Pineand Leaf & Leather
MADE IN AMERICA - Made in the USAa portion of proceeds benefits U.S. Veterans. Our products are cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. Triple-milled for superior quality.

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