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Natural vegetable fibers. Buffs away dirt & impurities. Loofah is a natural vegetable cleansing fiber that exfoliates away the dead skin cells and surface impurities. Effectively unclogs poresallowing skin to breathe freelynaturally. Skin feels freshhealthy and revitalized. A mainstay in European spas and Asian bathsthis vegetable sponge is valued as the key to better health. This loofah sponge may expand in warm water. Since loofah is a natural productplease care for this sponge by rinsing thoroughlythen drying after each use. Please replace this loofah regularly as soon as it wears out or loses its abrasiveness. Not tested on animals. Product of China.


Wet with warm water and apply your favorite soap. Gently massage over the skin with a smooth circular motionconcentrating on any rough areas. Use every day for softercleanersmoother skin.

Natural vegetable fibers
Buffs away dirt and impurities
Measures 5 x 7 inches
Natural Loofah

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