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HOW TO USE: Step 1: Sanitize the derma roller (NEVER use the derma roller without properly sanitizing it first) Step 2: Clean your face and pat dry (NEVER use a derma roller without first preparing and cleansing your face and neck) Step 3: Roll the roller over your face in one direction a few times. Then change directions. Do it horizontally and vertically to ensure best results. (When switching directionsALWAYS remove the derma roller from your skin and then change directions. DO NOT change directions while the derma roller is touching your skinthis can lead to scratchesdiscomfortand irritation) Step 4: Do not apply too much pressure. The derma roller should very gently glide over your skin! Step 5: Repeat this over the whole face and neck! Going a few times back and forth in each direction! (DO NOT use on: WOUNDSACNELIPSUNDER EYES) Step 6: After useapply your favorite serumcreamor moisturizer! DO NOT share your derma roller with anyone! Use the roller at least once a week for best results! It is recommended that derma roller be replaced once every 1 or 2 months Discontinue use if any irritation occurs!



DON'T miss your chance to get better looking skin safely and painlesslywith this STAINLESS steel derma roller! This derma roller will give you confidence and a radiant glow that will NOT go unnoticed!
WHY USE STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless steel is most hygienic. When dealing with skinhygiene is EXTREMELY important! In comparison with titaniumstainless steel is a more sterile and safe option! Just consider what most professionals usestainless steel! With this derma roller you can achieve professional care at home!
SKIN BOOST: Are you looking to give your skin an extra boost This derma roller will help revitalize your skin and improve its general appearance! This derma roller will not only help roll away imperfectionsbut help your skin retain its natural beauty. Do your collagen a favor with this derma roller!
FRESH LOOK: The new design of this pretty blue derma roller with a clear handle will make your skin routine that much more exiting! NEVER settle for something lessonly go for the BEST!
EASY: The derma roller is super EASY to USECLEAN & STORE! In just a few easy steps few times a monthsyou can have better looking skin with a natural glow! PLUSanother great PERK is our service! We love our customers and will make sure all your questions are answered!

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