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Skin Tag Remover PadsHigh-Quality Skin Tag RemoverEffectively Skin Tag Removal24 Pads
Our Skin Tag Remover Pad contains a powerful blend of premium ingredients. The skin tag remover contains a medicated patch to cover the skin tag. The skin tag will be gone after a few days. The removal of the skin tag will also remove the pain. Ease of use: takes only one step to position and affix the adhesive medicated patch firmly over the skin tag.

Skin Tag Remover Pads Features
1. The advanced skin tag remover pads contain highly effective premium ingredients.
2. The skin tag pads contain a medicated patch that reduces pain and pressure.
3. The product contains natural ingredients (non-toxic and harmless).
4. The product does not scar.

How to use the Skin Tag Remover Pads
STEP 1. Wash the affected area. Let it dry thoroughly.
STEP 2. Take out the yellow medicated partcut it for a suitable size to fix your skin tag. Then put the yellow medicated part back to bandage. (Only if necessary)
STEP 3. Firmly position the medicated patch over the skin tag. The adhesive pad will stick to the skin.
STEP 4. Repeat every day until the removal of the skin tagdepending on the individual. If necessaryyou can use it for up to 14 days.
STEP 5. You may soak the skin tag in warm water for 5 minutes to assist the removal.
ONLY apply on the skin tags.

Caution for Skin Tag Remover Pads
For external use only
Do not use on the normal skin
If you feel unwellplease stop using it immediately
Do not use if you are diabeticpregnantor breastfeeding
Do not use on irritated skin or on any area that is infected or reddened
Keep out of reach of children

Package List
1 box | 24 pads

Effective Skin Tag Remover Pads -- This top-quality skin tag removal treatment contains highly effective premium ingredients that help in the removal of skin tags. The skin tag will be gone within a couple of days after first use.
Safe and Easy -- The skin tag remover is an aadhesive bandagea style pad with a medicated patch in the middle to cover the skin tag.
Comfortable Skin Tag Remover Pads will stay in place all day -- The skin tag remover has soft skin tag cushions. You will remain comfortable all day long.
24 Count Skin Remover Pads -- The skin remover package includes 24 pads. More than enough for multiple treatments. Firmly position the medicated round patch of the adhesive pad over the skin tag. The pad will stick to the skin if correctly done.
Our Happiness Guarantee -- If you are dissatisfied for any reason with our skin tag remover padscontact usand we will do our best to give you full satisfaction.

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